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How To Tear A Phonebook in Half -Technique - Tutorial
(1 vote)
Learn a technique to tear a phonebook in half. This is not magic actually, but this tricks is so damn cool!

Learn Cut & Restored Newspaper Trick - Tutorial
(6 votes)
Learn the famous cut and restored newspaper trick as seen on the TV. The Torn and Restored Paper Magic Trick is such an amazing effect that can be done almost anywhere with a little preparation. We hope that you like the trick!

Self Tying Shoelace Revealed
(4 votes)
Tying your shoelace without even touching it! This is the Self Tying Shoelace Trick by crazy magician Jay Noblezada. Jay invented the effect and David Blaine performed it on TV in his Drowned Alive Special. What you need: These are basically the things you need to make the gimmick: A matching shoelace for you shoe, a mini pulley, a safety pin.

Self Tying Shoelace Performance:

Read More For Learn The Secret...

Secrets of Street Magician Finally Revealed
(12 votes)
A street magician, while hiding his identity, breaks the magician's code and reveals how several magic tricks are performed. The tricks that he reveals is: Levitation, card Magic, mentalism, levitate a small object, raven vanish, pulling the head of bird, card prediction, Shinko's arm twist, math magic, David Blaine's fly resurrection, two card monte, sharpie mentalism gimmick, the time machine, cigarette through coin, and more.

Secrets of Street Magic Finally Revealed

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