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Mouth Coil Magic Revealed
(13 votes)


The magician produce a seemingly endless stream of colorfull coiled paper from his mouth. This is a great routine suitable for birthday party to entertain your audience!

Mouth Coil Performance:

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Crush by Eric Ross Revealed
(23 votes)


On your command, cause an ordinary bottle to visibly CRUSHED!

The Effect: You borrowed the bottle from the spectator and place it either in your hand, in your spectator's hand, or on the table. And on your command, without funny moves, the bottle visibly CRUSHED in front of the spectator's eyes!  This routine is very visual and suitable for close-up or stage performance.

Crushed Original Performance:

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Magic Light Bulb Revealed
(8 votes)

This ordinary looking light bulb will light in your hand without wires or apparent power source!

The Effect: Magician shows an ordinary looking light bulb and is able to make it light without using any apparent power source. This trick is extremely easy to play and this is a great choice for the beginner magician. The explanation and instruction on how to make this light bulb is revealed in this video!

Magic Light Bulb Performance:

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Haunted Matchbox Revealed
(12 votes)

Haunted matchbox illusion allows you to performs various mysterious opening, back flip and rotations with matchbox while resting in your hand. Impress your spectators with great this magic trick illusion.

Haunted Matchbox Performance:

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Ringtone by Adam Grace Revealed
(23 votes)

The Effect: The magician hijack the ringtone off their phone. When someone calls, their phone lights up as usual but the ringtone is different... They play a new song and their original song is gone.

Ringtone is a simple trick. Great tricks are simple. No Bluetooth, no downloading, no fuss, no muss. You just need one special GIMMICK! Pick up your copy of Ringtone today and start intercepting your friend's ringtones! Works on any cellphone!


Ringtone Performance:

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