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US Version - The Real Hustle - Hot Wheels Hustle
Lots of car buyers leave a deposit, but when they come back to pick up their new ride, they find only each other.

US Version - The Real Hustle - Hotel For Hustlers
If a maintenance man tries to lure you into the bathroom, his partner might be taking off with your things.


US Version - The Real Hustle - Card Clone Con
Watch out! A waitress may be after more than just your 20 percent.


The Real Hustle (US Version)
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Think you could never be duped into falling for a con? Think again. THE REAL HUSTLE shows how an expert team of three scam artists can deftly steal your money, possessions and even your identity. Watch this trickster trio as they take on savvy New Yorkers and show how even the most sophisticated city-slickers can be duped at the ATM, at restaurants and on the streets. Featuring: Pickpocket and personal security consultant, Apollo Robbins, sleight-of-hand and psychology specialist, Ryan Oakes and professionally-trained actress skilled in distraction techniques, Dani Marco.


BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 10)
Alex and Paul set up a market stall that sells fake showbiz memorabilia and dodgy autographs, while Jess sells non-existent bus tour vouchers to unsuspecting tourists. Plus, three ways you could be short-changed after buying something.


Video #1: Don't Get Conned 2

Recapping the second series of The Real Hustle, a show which warns you to be on your guard against some clever hustlers. 

More Videos: Mock Prop Scam, Short Change Con, Game Called Nim, Bus Tour Scam.

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