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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 9)
This episode uncovers a car clamping scam that could leave you £50 out of pocket. The hustlers show us how simple it is to sell non-organic produce as organic with a marked up price, and Paul shows us how easy it is to con the public out of their cash in an origami scam that leaves you with a worthless £10 note.


Video #1: The Lift

More Videos: Organic Food Scam, Car Clamp Con, Origami Scam, Torn Note Scam.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 6)
How to con members of the public into giving away credit card details via a fake charity scratch card.


Video #1: Bus Pickpocketing

On a crammed bus or train, you're possessions may be at a greater risk from pickpockets. Keep everything hidden. 


More Videos: Laptop Switch, Counterfeit Cash Con, Fairground Scams: Hoopla.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 5)
How to steal a car with a clever bit of role playing and how a mock auction can con members of the public into buying cheap goods.


Video #1: Mock Auction

More Videos: The Sure Thing,  The Car Jack, Fairground Scams: Bottle Bowling, Dancing Dolls.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 4)
Video #1: Security Guard Pat-Down

The hustlers use social compliance to pat-down people - pickpocketing them at the same time. 


More Videos: Phones 4 Us, The Bill Switch, 3 Shell Game, Boot Popping, Proposition Bet.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 2 - Episode 3)
How to steal someone's car by pretending to be a valet parking service, pretending to have an injured leg so as to steal watches, a proposition bet where you lift a shot glass using two coins, a shop selling hugely marked up beauty products and a waitress skimming credit cards.


Video #1: Waitress Card Cloning

Never take your eye off your card - not even for a second. 


More Videos:  Proposition Bet, The Good Samaritan, Car Park Valet Steal.

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