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Room 401 - Ice Carving
An accident with a chainsaw operator (played by magician/actor Rob Zabrecky) leaves an ice sculptor alive, but in two pieces.

Room 401 - Lend a Hand
Two men go to work at a meat factory and one of the men witnesses his co-worker lose his hand in a fryer then it's right back on.

Room 401 - He sees dead people
Two crime scene cleaners go to a crime scene and one of the men witness the dead man's spirit (played by magician David Minkin) sitting up from his body.

Room 401 - The Claw
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A woman wants her friend to win her something from a claw machine, but the claw doesn't work, so a maintenance man (played by magician/actor Rob Zabrecky) sticks his hand through the glass and pulls out a rat.

MTV Series - Room 401
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Room 401 is a television series on MTV, executive produced by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg. It is named after the room Harry Houdini died in at Detroit's Grace Hospital in 1926.

Room 401 takes unaware victims into the center of mini horror movies that play out live. From the reanimation of the dead, to chain-saw mishaps, each episode contains four “scares” or pranks. The show is hosted by Jared Padalecki from the CW's Supernatural.
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