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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 5 - Las Vegas - Episode 3)
The hustlers employ a cunning technique to steal the pot in a blackjack game (The Big Bluff), Jess uses her feminine wiles to win some money in a game of pool (Pool Bet Puzzle), the team go to extreme lengths to show how pickpockets operate (The Snip) and con a pair of passers-by with a rigged game of dice (Street Dice). Dealer Scams looks at Flashing The Hole Card. Input is provided by Gaming Security Expert Jason England.

Video #1: Street Dice

The hustlers demonstrate just how wary you should be of a game of street dice. Your chances of passing through the eye of a needle are higher than winning a game.

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 5 - Las Vegas - Episode 2)
Jess poses as the hotel inspector from hell so she can steal guests' belongings (The Fake Hotel Inspector). Alex and Paul dress as valets to steal cars (Valet Distraction), Dealer Scams explains the Fake Chip Stack, a Proposition Bet asks 3 questions about a watch and the team hit a casino for thousands of dollars in a brazen scam without anyone suspecting a thing (Shoe Switch). Gaming Security Expert Jason England is interviewed.

Series 5 - Episode 2

Scam Lists: Vallet Distraction, The Shoe Switch, Fake Hotel Inspector, Dealer Scams 2.

BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 5 - Las Vegas - Episode 1)
The Hustlers return for as new eight part series set fully in Las Vegas. A couple are left with an immobilised car and without their luggage after a meeting with Alex, Paul and Jess (Wobbly Tyre), chip palming techniques are practised in Dealer Scams, a quick buck is made by Jess with her Change Raising hustle, the Proposition Bet is to retrieve a $50 note from water-filled, sealed glasses and $80,000 worth of jewellery is stolen in a fake sheikh-down (Mystery Millionaire). Casino Security Consultant George Joseph and David G Schwartz (Director, Center of Gaming Research) add their experience.

Video #1: Wobbly Tyre

In this scam, the husters attempt to carjack a couple in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

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BBC - The Real Hustle (Series 3 - Episode 1)
Alex and Paul sell games consoles at cheap prices to get some lads to give them their cash. Also Jess and Alex use a hotel to steal someone's credit card details just by over hearing their name and room number. Plus a proposition bet in which you have to balance coins on the end of Jess' driver license.

Video #1: The Murphy Game

Alex and Paul sell games consoles at cheap prices to get some lads to give them their cash. 


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The Real Hustle (US Version) - The Tenant Trap
Excited by the prospect of an apartment that's too good to be true, would-be tenants hand over their cash.


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