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The Real Hustle (US Version) - The Tenant Trap
Excited by the prospect of an apartment that's too good to be true, would-be tenants hand over their cash.


The Real Hustle (US Version) - Scratch And Lose
(1 vote)
Congratulations! You win a life of poverty and regret!

US Version - The Real Hustle - It's In The Bag
The team uses a clever device to show unsuspecting commuters how easy it is to be left without your valuables.


US Version - The Real Hustle - The Night Deposit
(1 vote)
After a bit of hesitation, this woman hands over five grand to a pair of phony security guards.


US Version - The Real Hustle - Cash Machine Hustle
(3 votes)
A con artist's hi-tech gadget or simple distraction at the ATM can leave you with insufficient funds.


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