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Aug 22

Grampy's Magic Inspiring Story

Posted by Grampys Magic in General

Grampys Magic

Hello All....

I'm a GrandPa with 10 grand children, hence the name.....

I've always been fascinated by magic since I was 5 years old, when I saw my first show at a VFW hall in Kalamazoo, Mich.  Growing up I read every book I could find on the subject.  Around 10 years old or so I discovered Harry Houdini and he became my hero.  Again I read everything I could find on him and his magic.  I did my first public performance at age 12 for a senior citizens club my dad used to deliver bakery goods to.   My next performance, along with a few friends was for our 8th grade talent show at school.

Nov 27

Secrets To Performing Magic Tricks For Beginners

Posted by Peter in Performance , General


Many common magic tricks are easy to learn and only require common items such as matchboxes, cloths and coins to perform successfully. The most common tricks are playing card and coin tricks which are both a good way to practice technical and audience distraction skills.

Card tricks are one of the oldest forms of conjuring and perhaps the best introduction to learning magic tricks and performance for beginners. Whilst you can buy special card kits and find free magic tricks online, you should start out with a normal deck of playing cards and learn specific card magic techniques that don't rely on props.

Start small and practice, practice, practice

Aug 01

D'Ball Magic, Using modern Technology with Classic Magic!

Posted by Magicman48 in General


Hello all,

I'm always fascinated with any magician that uses modern technology with classic magic.  I myself have invented an Application for the Android phone called D'Ball.  I basically have taken a classic magic trick the D'Lite, which you can find at http://www.dlite.com and I have used modern technology (the Android Phone) to make the trick more exciting and easy to use and wanted to share my video's for it with you.  If you would like to see more, go to http://www.magictricks4all.com, thanks!


Mar 01

How to Light a Burnt Match

Posted by guiler in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


For this trick you need 2 matches and a ring (a ring thats slightly loose)  and a black marker


  • using a black marker draw on the red part of one match.
  • put 1 match (the colored one) in the ring out of sight.

The Method:

Mar 01

Tips on Hiring a Close Up Magician

Posted by Magico in Performance , General


The most important thing about hiring a close up magician is that they are professional. An amateur magician may be able to perform magic in certain settings and from the proper angle, but the best magicians can be completely surrounded by onlookers and still leave everyone astounded after the trick has been performed.


Part of being a professional also means that they will show up on time, be dressed smartly, make an effort to attend to every guest and handle last-minute changes with ease. Obviously, this is the kind of  magician you want to hire, so here are the tips you need to help you find such a close up magician.

Mar 01

Michael Ammar - Card Trick

Posted by jeret in Performance , Card


Hi guys  i have posted this card trick, not sure by whom but i think it's probably created

by Michael Ammar. i have changed the handling at the end! Enjoy.. If you need a tutorial for this please let me know. thanks.


Feb 27

Calendar Card Trick

Posted by brianmets5 in Tutorial , Card


Hey everyone!!!
The other day i posted this trick that uses a calendar! Please let me know if this trick is original. Hope you like the trick. let me know what you think of it!



Feb 25

A drink for 4 and a half cents

Posted by guiler in Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic


hello everyone I am Ben Guilfoyle and I have a fairly easy mentalism effect and I hope you enjoy it.

Items:victim, calculator (optional), pen and paper (optional),4 cents and 1 cent coin that has been cut in half.

step1: Tell your victim to write down a number on the piece of paper but the number must not have a zero it must be double digited and must be between 1-100.

step2: Once he/she wrote there number tell them you will make a prediction with coins.

step3: Pick take some coins from your pocket.

step4: Tell the person to ad the 2 didgets in there number together then subtract it from the original number next ad the 2 numbers in the answer together and divide by 2 eg:45, 4+5=9, 45-9=36, 3+6=9, 9/2=4.5

Dec 31

Follow the Leader

Posted by brianmets5 in Tutorial , Card


Hey everyone!!!



Nov 05

PIN Number Prediction Revealed

Posted by Zuugician in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism


Imagine knowing something that would normally be impossible to know. For example you might want to reveal someone’s surname, even though you never met them before. You might want to know what their best friend’s hamster is called. Whatever it is, this Prediction effect will allow you to do so. In this case we will reveal the PIN number of a person’s bank account.

Basic Effect
You ask to borrow a pen and pencil from the subject. You confirm with them that they have a PIN number for their bank and that there is no way you could possibly know it. You write down a 4 digit number and return them the pencil. You ask them your pin number and it matches what you have written on the paper.


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