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Oct 22

Magic Revealed at Moo-Magic.com

Posted by MooMagicTutorials in General



Click here:   http://www.moo-magic.com

Moo-Magic is a site for everybody who wants to improve his/her ability in magic. Moo-Magic offers professional tutorials for newcomers, advanced magicians, stage performers and everybody else who is interested in learning magic.

Mar 20

Indian Rope Trick Revealed

Posted by momo in General



Having made two visits to India, I should be lacking in my duty to the fraternity if I failed to record the result of my personal investigation of the traditional miracle.

One day an hotel servant informed me that a "trick wallah" (such was the undignified title assigned to the representative of Eastern Magic) awaited my pleasure without. After a hard life, waiting on the pleasure of others, the idea of becoming an aristocrat in this strange land, and engaging a magician to perform at my command, appealed to me strongly, and I engaged him forthwith, the more gladly as he only asked for his fee as many shillings as I, in my time, expected guineas.


Feb 07

George Washington Prediction

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , Mentalism , CloseUp


George Washington... a psychic, too?


Show your friend a dollar bill and tell her to look at the serial number and to concentrate on just one of the numbers.

Tell her that George Washington wasn't just the first President of the United States, but he was also a psychic!

Ask her what the number was and after she tells you, you show her your prediction - one that was already written on the dollar bill before you began! Carry this one in your wallet. It's a good one to do anytime!

Jan 29

Handkerchief Through Crystals Tutorial

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Illusion , CloseUp


The Effect

You hand to audience for examination, three silk handkerchiefs; one red, one white, and one blue. Next you show the two crystal cylinders, such as is used on gas jets. Have someone in audience to tie the corners of blue and white handkerchiefs together and roll them into a ball, which you place in one of the cylinders, and give to someone to hold.

You next take the red handkerchief and place it in the other cylinder, and hold one hand over each end of cylinder, and away from your body. You now command the red handkerchief to vanish, and instantly the cylinder is seen empty; hands are still covering both ends. Person holding the other cylinder removes the two handkerchiefs and unrolls them, and to their astonishment they find the red handkerchief which had disappeared from the other cylinder between the blue and white handkerchiefs, all being tied together. Very effective.


Jan 17

The Restored Calendar Tutorial

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


NONE of the principles employed in this clever combination are new, but, as the audience only sees the surface of a trick, the effect is none the worse on that account. If this surface is properly camouflaged, the closer one sticks to the time-tried methods the better.

The Effect

The performer takes one of the leaves from an advertising calendar, tears off a corner and gives it to one of the audience to hold. Then he tears the remainder of the leaf into strips, which he rolls into a ball, saying: "There's another month gone, how time flies!" Holding the ball at the tips of the fingers of the left band, he picks up a fan from the table with the right and fans the strips, at the same time working the ball open with the fingers. He then lays the fan on the table and straightens out the paper, showing the leaf restored. He passes it to the spectator who holds the piece torn from the corner, who fits it in place and reports that the fit is perfect. He then pretends that someone looks suspicious, and, turning to him says: "I see, sir, that you suspect some trickery on my part, but you wrong me, you really do. I assure you that I am as innocent as an unusually young babe. You think that I kept this original sheet and tore up another. Now just to make you regret all the rest of your life that you so wrong fully mistrusted a fellow mortal, I'm going to sacrifice another month of our all too short life by again tearing this into bits." He proceeds exactly as before, returns to his table, picks up the fan and fans his right hand while walking back toward the audience. Then he straightens it out and again has the corner fitted.

Turning to the suspicious spectator he says, "Sir, I shall expect a public apology from you. Otherwise my second will call on you in the morning."


Jan 17

The Premier Book Test Tutorial

Posted by chung in Tutorial , Mentalism


The beauty of this test is, that throughout the experiment, the performer apparently does nothing whatever, and TOUCHES NOTHING USED IN THE TEST. The material used can be thoroughly examined after the experiment is finished. There is the advantage of being able to use ANY MAGAZINE OR BOOK DESIRED. The cards used are an ordinary pack of cards. There are several subtleties used which are practically unknown to magic previously.

The first requires but a slight arrangement of the DECK VALUES only--with no attention being paid to the SUITS. This is so that any TWO Cards taken TOGETHER from ANYWHERE WITHIN the pack, will total, when the values are added--either 14 or 15.

Jan 17

Download links

Posted by magicalkeshav in Misc , General


Hi fellow people,

     this is a link to a document containing most of  the download links from a magic sharing website, shortly called, LML.None of them are my uploads.

Here is the link:

Jan 04

Envelope Vanish Coin Tutorial

Posted by Bruce in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


The Effect:

A fairly heavy Manila paper envelope is prepared beforehand by cutting a slot at the bottom right corner. With a pair of scissors trim a small sliver of paper from the bottom of the envelope. When the envelope is prepared this way the opening will offer no resistance to the coin and it will fall freely into your hand.

Dec 28

Magician Prince Episode 4

Posted by rajachaudhuri in Performance , Magician


Magician Prince Episode 4


Dec 28

Magician Raja & Prince

Posted by rajachaudhuri in Magician , General



I am from Kolkata, India. India is a land of magic and I am proud to be an Indian Magician. I started my magic when I was in Standard 5. From those days Magic entered into my blood.

I mainly perform sleight of hand Close up and conjuring magic. I learn magic from Magician SOMEERAN a renowned magician and magic teacher from India. 

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