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Dec 18

Telephone Riddle - Mental Calculation

Posted by franklin in Tutorial , Mentalism


This is rock bottom for simplicity and that is what I work for always. There is no name code and you are always ready with the simplest mental calculation. In my case, the following table is pasted on the wall just over the telephone at home. Weeks go by at a time without working it and then suddenly a call is put in with no warning at all and still I can sit pretty.

Dec 18

Fishbowl Production Revealed

Posted by franklin in Tutorial , Illusion


For a number of years this fishbowl Production was used as the opening effect in my stage shows. It is quick and very astonishing because a very large howl is used and the production is made on an undraped table so far down stage that it is almost against the footlights. The trick is completely mystifying to the lay audience and to magicians as well. Although I believe that it is wrong to design shows to fool other magicians, it is rather satisfying to find a trick which they don't catch and which at the same time is liked by the general public.

The Effect:
The curtain goes up and two assistants are standing on the stage. Both are wearing red uniforms with capes lined with gold. The capes are thrown back so that the linings show. One assistant is a girl and one a boy. They both stand in the same way--with the right arms behind them and with the left arms bent at the elbow so that their left hands are over their hearts. The girl has a silk cloth of heavy material over her left arm. The girl stands a little to stage right of the center of the stage and the boy stands opposite her on stage left. The magician walks in rapidly and quickly pulls the cloth from the arm of the girl. He opens the cloth with a jerk and catching hold of one corner tosses the cloth so that the boy catches it by the opposite corner. The magician, and the boy, rush down stage holding the cloth. It is held over an undraped and empty table and jerked away by the magician. On the table now stands a large glass fishbowl three-quarters full of water. The cloth is tossed to the boy and the magician takes his bow.


Dec 13

Ring And Program Trick

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp



This was one of the best features of the program given by Guibal when he played at the Eden Musée many years ago. It was not new even at that time; in fact, I had made it a part of my own show in my amateur days; but it is extremely effective if properly handled, and it has always been a surprise to me that it has not come into more general use.

Guibal probably learned the trick from Verbeck, for whom he acted as interpreter during the tour of the latter in England. His clever patter is said to have greatly benefited the Verbeck performance, but later there was a disagreement, and Guibal started for himself, giving practically the same program.

Nov 29

Magic Shouldn't Have To Be Hard To Perform

Posted by rhmagic in General


Magic shouldn't have to be hard to perform.

  • Real magic can be learned by everyone.

  • Real magic is easy to learn.

  • Real magic is original.

Nov 28

Vanishing a Coin with the Aid of a Handkerchief

Posted by Zisco in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


Here is an oldie, the method of which can be used to vanish not only a coin but any other small article as well.

Spread a handkerchief over the palm up left hand so one corner will lie on the forearm. Show a half dollar in the right hand, then place it between the thumb and first and second fingers of the left hand, holding it vertically through the cloth, Fig. 1.

With the right thumb and forefinger, pick up the inner corner of the handkerchief and bring it forward over the coin, then turn the left hand palm downward so the handkerchief hangs down over the coin. Make some remark about showing the coin again as you return the hands to their former positions. The coin is again seen as in Fig. 1.


Nov 21

One in 52 Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , CloseUp , Card


This is a simple trick too, but use a little care when you handle the cards. Spread a normal deck of cards face-up on the table. Ask someone to point to any card they want.

Pull their chosen card from the spread deck and drop it on the bottom card. Pick up the deck and give it a couple of cuts. Now spread the deck, face down, and your friends see there is just one card with a different color back. You lift that card out and turn it over - that's right, it is their chosen card!

Nov 21

The Hypnotized Handkerchief Tutorial

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , CloseUp


Hypnotize a handkerchief to move at your command!

REQUIREMENTS: One handkerchief with a hem, one drinking straw

In order to perform this effect you will need to take a drinking straw and flatten it out. This is easier with the old fashioned paper straws, but a plastic straw will do. Be careful not to mangle the straw as you flatten it.

Next, sew the straw into the hem of a handkerchief as shown in Figure 1. Make certain the straw is secured in place so it won't slip down in the hem.

When ready to perform the trick, grasp the corner indicated with an "A" in Figure 1.

Nov 21

Houdini Rubber Band Escape Revealed

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


A miniature escape that demonstrates how solid can pass through solid!

REQUIREMENTS: One medium sized rubber band.

This is sometimes also called the Hopping Rubber Band. You loop a rubber band over your first two fingers, and then it inexplicably jumps to the second two fingers.

Nov 14

The Telephone Bullet Catch - Mentalism Tutorial

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Mentalism


Call someone on the phone. Ask him to take out five of his business cards. He is to turn them blank side up and place them in a horizontal row. He is then asked to draw a sketch of a bullet on any one of the cards. Allow him to exchange the bullet card with any other card in the row. He has a completely free choice.

"We have started out by giving you a completely free selection as to which position the bullet card is in. Only you, and you alone know how far from the left side of the row the bullet card is. This is your lucky number and you are to remember it."

Nov 13

Mysterious Indian Yogi Magic

Posted by ge0ffr0 in Street Magic , Performance , General


Greetings Magis

A mysterious Indian man approached me in the street and began foretelling my future.
This is of course a great way of getting someone's attention!
As he explained the good and not so good things that were to befallme he wrote something on a small piece of paper, screwed it up and then handed it to me and asked me to put in in my pocket.
As we talked further he then asked me for my mothers name, my age and my wife's age.
He was very particular about the spelling and wrote these things on a piece of paper in front of me.
He then asked me to reach into my pocket and retrieve the screwed up piece of paper.
He asked me to blow on it three times, place it against my "third eye" and pray over it.
I then unravelled the piece of paper and magically there were the 3 things listed .....

This seems to be a wonderful street trick, write something down and then psychically predict the person's response.
He "seemed" a very wise and humble yogi. He patiently explained to me the virtues of morality, vegeterianism and other secrets of a long and happy life.
As we talked and he prayed for my family he proceeded to repeat this trick, magically predicting my wife's name, my favourite colour and number.
This time I was more wary,ensuring he definitely couldn't reach into my pocket or get some other opppurtinity to swap the pieces of paper.
At no stage did I let the piece of paper go until I unravelled it.

I would love to fathom how he did this, I gave him a small donation and he went on his way, to bless the next poor dumbfounded soul

Any thoughts on how this was done......???

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