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Nov 07

Torn and Transformed Card Tutorial

Posted by abertzinx in Tutorial , Card


A card is selected and lost in the pack. The magician then claims he will cause the card to rise to the top of the deck, but he fails. When he turns over the top card, it is NOT the selection, as he said it would be. The magician gets mad, tearing up the top card into four pieces and placing them into a spectator's hand. The magician then looks through the pack for the spectator's card, finding it somewhere in the middle. Flustered, the magician then tries to redeem himself. He holds the selected card in his hands where it CHANGES VISIBLY into the card that was torn just a moment ago!

But wait...if that card is whole and in the magicians’ hand...what card is the spectator holding? The spectator open's his hand to reveal THEIR SELECTED CARD, torn into four pieces! The spectator is then asked to close their hand again over the four pieces, where they RESTORE into a whole card once again!

Nov 07

The Trick That Fooled Einstein

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Street Magic , Math Magic , Card


This trick was performed by magician Al Koran, who used it in an act while mathematical genius Albert Einstein was in the audience. After the show, Einstein invited Al Koran to his table and had him repeat the effect, it fooled him again! Koran then commented, "It’s not the numbers - but the words that fooled you."

Discover the secret below!


Oct 25

Criss Angel Teaches Magic

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , Magician , Illusion , Coin , CloseUp , Card


Enjoy a few tricks performed and revealed by Criss Angel itself. Tricks that he taught: card thought, aces anytime, lipstick, four aces, into the mind, levitating roll, double card prediction, linked, bill tear and restored, penny or dime, mugs up, houdini favorite trick, floating cup, floating coin, color blind, coin from roll, card thought, blow out.


Card Thought:


Oct 25

Hindu Gypsy Thread Revealed

Posted by presco in Tutorial , CloseUp


Effect: Performer takes a spool of thread, unravels about a foot of it, & then breaks it off, putting the spool down. Performer proceeds to break the thread into 6 or 7 clearly broken & different pieces, then holding one piece in one hand, the other pieces are rolled up into a ball and 'squashed' onto the piece from the other hand. When this is unravelled it is seen to be completely restored to it's original length. VERY visual, & very clean, pretty easy to do as well. Here's the routine.


Oct 25

The Indian Needle Trick

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , CloseUp


My own original way. The same old effect but you can defy all the physicians and surgeons in the world to find anything in your mouth before and after. No secret loading and I have worked the stunt for two months now and got some good write-ups on it.

You have a little work basket sitting on the table and inside have a paper of needles, a spool of white thread and your bundle of needles already threaded and rolled up in usual manner. This bunch is rolled, of course, so the thread is all at one end and if the bundle is picked up
between thumb and finger at this end the thread is out of sight, just the packet of needles showing. This bunch is stuck into the hole in the spool with the threaded ends up. The spool sits upright in the basket. A glass of water is close by.

Oct 21

Derren Brown's Magic Square Revealed

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Mentalism , Math Magic , General


The Effect:
A spectator gives you a random number and you're instantly able to create a magic square of numbers in which all rows, columns, diagonals and corners total his chosen number.

The Secrets:
This looks absolutely mind blowing when performed well but is technically easy to achieve.

The diagram below shows the basic framework for the square:

Oct 21

Mentalism Tutorial: Wallet, Watch & Coin

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , Mentalism , General


The Effect:
A male volunteer places his wallet, watch and a coin on the table. Turning your back, you invite him to place each of those objects into his front left and right and one of his back trouser pockets.

Turn around and explain that through subtle use of body language, you can determine which object was placed in which pocket. After looking him up and down for a while, you correctly name the location of each object,

Oct 18

Gone Without Trace Card Tutorial

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , CloseUp , Card


This is an amazing trick that is guaranteed to get reactions like no other. This version is designed so anyone can do it. No sleight of hand at all, just simple, pure effect. You make a selected card completely vanish from the deck and appear wherever you want it to.

This trick requires you to make up a simple gimmick using two ordinary playing cards. Tape any two cards together as shown in Photo 3.1. NOTE: The front card is cut a little short. The back card (8 of spades) is the card to be forced.

Oct 15

The Mysterious Coin Balance Revealed

Posted by james in Tutorial , Coin , CloseUp


You can balance a coin at your fingertips, but no one else can!

REQUIREMENTS: One large coin, one straight pin

Here's a great trick to demonstrate your mastery of mind over matter!

The Secret:

Have a regular straight pin concealed in one hand, between the first two fingers. With the other hand, pull a coin out of your pocket and allow it to be examined by the audience, or borrow a coin from one of them!

Oct 13

Si Stebbins Card Control System

Posted by Maxim888 in Tutorial , Card


The following is a deck "stack" that must be set up ahead of time and maintained as you handle the deck. Among other things, by peeking at the bottom card, you can tell what the top card is. This allows you to perform many miracles!!

Start by dividing your deck into suits and into numerical order... Ace (top) to King (bottom).

The suits are set up: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds (CHSD) or you may hear this referred to as "CHaSeD"

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