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Oct 06

Cut & Restored String

Posted by aramaic in Tutorial , General , CloseUp


The Effect:

A string or rope is cut into two pieces, and then magically restored into one piece!


The Requirements:

  1. One piece of heavy string or thin rope.
  2. A piece of writing paper.
  3. A pair of good scissors.
Sep 11

David Blaine Thought Card Revealed

Posted by franklin in Tutorial , Street Magic , Mentalism , Card


The Effect:

David approaches a passer-by and asks that they hold a pack of cards and to merely think of any card that is in the pack.

"Are you thinking of one ?" - "Not the Ace of Spades ! " - "Think of another ."

"OK - got one ? - Yes ? - OK, I want you to visualise your card turning around, can you do that ?"

"What's the name of your card ?"

The spectators announces his 'Thought card' - "The 5 of Diamonds".

David takes the pack from the spectator and removes the deck - fanning the cards face up he comes to one face down card.

"What was your thought card ?" asks David again.

"The 5 of Diamonds" replies the spectator.

The spectator takes the face down card and turns it over - it is the 5 of Diamonds !!

Aug 31

David Copperfield - The Flight of Icarus Revealed

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Levitation , Illusion


Oh to fly. This ambition is and will continue to be humanity's greatest quest. Siegfied and Roy have had this trick as part of their Las Vegas show-off and on -over the last couple of years.

The effect:

The lights focus on the performer, who, without any effort at all, lifts up off the stage. Back and forth, across the stage, the performer can be seen to fly. Rolling, floating, hovering above the stage. Whether the "flyer" is flying through hoops, into boxes or otherwise about the stage, it appears to be done with great ease and a great deal of magic!

The secret:

Aug 25


Posted by rhmagic in Magic Shop , General , CloseUp


Practicing your sleight of hand is important for the close up worker. There are a lot of sleights and

handlings out there and you have to pick a select few that work for you.

The best way I found to practice my sleight of hand is in front of a mirror and to practice the trick

"Spookey" by Jay Sankey.

Jul 29

An Insolvable Mystery - Card Trick

Posted by Peter in Tutorial , Card


Watch free magic tutorials.. 

This trick, very kindly given to me by Mr. Dai Vernon, the famous card expert, breaks new ground. The effect is that any pack, having been thoroughly shuffled, is placed in the performer's hand, which he holds behind his back, and is then covered with a handkerchief, in which it is securely wrapped. Any number is called by a spectator. The magician names a card. The spectator uncovers the pack, counts to the number and finds there the card called.

The method is subtle. When the pack is covered with a handkerchief, in bringing it to the front, turn the cards face up and sight the top card's index by stretching the fabric a little at that point. Hold the pack with the left forefinger below and the thumb at the index corner, ready for a riffle count. As you ask the spectator to name a number, riffle off five cards. As soon as he calls a number continue the count till you reach it. Bring your right hand over the pack and make the pass at that point under the handkerchief. Turn the deck over, under cover of wrapping it securely and hand it to the spectator. All done in a few seconds.

Jul 29

Card Bender

Posted by Peter in Tutorial , Mentalism , Card



An uncle taught me this trick when I was young -- it always amuses children, but can be a cool feat of close-up mentalism for any audience.

In this trick, you place a card flat on the back of your palm. Apparently using only the powers of your mind (look mom -- no hands!) you slowly cause the card to bend right before your audiences eyes.

Jul 27

Birds of a Feather - Card Trick Tutorial

Posted by momo in Tutorial , Card



You put four Queens (or any 4 cards the same) into the deck of cards at four different places, - as far apart as your can manage, - then with a simple cut and a riffle or a blow - they appear all together again, right in the centre of the pack.

Jul 10

David Blaine Couch Levitation Trick Revealed

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Levitation

One of the most startling effects in magic has always been the levitation. Whether you levitate an assistant, a horse or a car, getting something to float has always pleased the crowd.

We will explain the illusion in terms of floating a woman, but the principle will work with any object, big or small, male or female.

The assistant is brought up to centre stage. She is placed in a reclining position on a couch. Then covered with a large cloth.
She is commanded to rise. Once she has risen to a height of one foot above the couch, the couch is taken away and the performer walks all around the floating woman.

She continues to rise until she is well over the head of the performer. Then she slowly descends until she is level with the performer's head. Again she begins to rise. This time, the performer takes hold of the cloth and while she is rising, the cloth is whisked away. The woman is gone, vanished right in front of the audience.

Jul 10

David Blaine Thread Magic Revealed

Posted by presco in Tutorial , Street Magic , Illusion , CloseUp


This trick was performed very well by David Blaine . The magician is seen to roll some thread into a ball in his fingers . The thread is then placed in his mouth and he appears to swallow it. The magician appears to be in pain , when he bares his stomach and visibly pulls the thread out from it .

Items :
Thread , you will need two pieces of the same coloured thread .
"New skin" latex clear paint for covering cuts and grazes or other brand of latex paint. This liquid paint is normally available from pharmacies .

Method :
You need to paint a one to two inch square area on your stomach with the latex . When it dries you can pull it gently away from the skin to form a pocket .

Jun 29

Wheres The Spectators Card?

Posted by ChelseaF.Crule in Tutorial , Card



Effect: You have a spectator call out a random card such as the King of clubs  it would be the 5th card.

Tutorial: The set up is called the si stebbins (I think)You have to prepare the deck. How you do this is start with the Ace of clubs and add three to get to 4 and after clubs comes hearts. After hearts it's spades then Diamonds. You add three every time and then the suit. You do this for the whole deck.

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