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2 Handed Cut Tutorials Video 4

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Music1st: DJ Jurgen - Better off alone2nd: Eric Prydz Vs Floyd - Proper Education3rd: The Egg Vs David Guetta - Love don't let me goMultiple CutsThis was by far the hardest tutorial I have made. I am used to making a lot of my 5+ packet cuts up as I go along. So making a video on something which is never the same was really difficult.So I made a quick and easy 5 packet split tutorial. You should know how to do the sybil by now. Please watch video 3 for that.This is basically that with an added split.Also you will notice a new Zoom function I am adding into the tutorial. This was more of a test, so you only see it twice. I like it, hope you guys do to. Hope you like the tutorial. For beginners this is not easy. Very fiddly and i guarantee your drop cards often. So Don't be put off. I know you can do it!Cya round guysDanCardshark88
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