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2 Handed Cut Tutorial Video 1 BASICS

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The Basics.The Two most important grips of the "Sybil Variation" two handed cuts.This Video shows you the rotations required in most two handed cuts along with the most common grabs. The lower grab (which i call a TM grab) and a upper grab which allows you to expiriment with all the fingers on your hand.This is to gain you confindence.When you feel you can do this quick without any slip ups, you will be able to learn advanced sybil variations 5 times faster.This is BASICS. For Beginners to the two handed cut world.Video 2 arrival will be announced when i know myself.Got Project M to finish off now.Sorry for the Delay of this Video. My computer managed to freeze itself last night and forced me to system restore.. which then resulted in me loosing over 2 thirds of the tut. So i worked my ass off to get this out today.Hope you enjoyDan
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