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Common Toss and Flick Tutorial - Aerial 3

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Additional: I did not review this very well. Loads of Spelling errors.2:12 - *and With a Simple Release from the thumb2:20 - Whereas you CAN Stick to a standard tossWow, been a long few weeks.Finally back and continuing onwards with my aerial collection.This is a move which we have all seen. A lot of you can probably do it. But hey, some of you can't.Aerial 3 of the collection. Beginner Level.ALSO, Subscriber cut is coming 2nd week in February with a little bit of luck. The next aerial will be the one where one half of the deck is the other way round to the other and a simple flick and then the deck corrects itself.Quite useful if you mistime a catch and get the deck to land the opposite way round. Like seen in this video at the beginning!! :DEnjoy peepsDanhttp://www.the3c.infoorUm tú fært lisið hettar, so skriva til RC-Roi92 á youtube
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