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Learn The Rentention Vanish

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The Retention vanish tutorial. Making small obeject (coin, sponge ball, or other) disappear...
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0 #1 DW 2008-11-10 23:43
You won't fool many people with your (so called) "French Drop" - lots of flashing there mate, and I think it's because you're sort of doing it "upside down" - your left hand comes over to supposedly take the ball, but the palm/clip technique that you've used flashes the ball each time - terribly so. I don't think a true french drop would flash like this. Good retention tho, one of the best I've seen for a long time. The two finger holding of the ball that you described earlier (and right, it does NOT look natural), can be done if one holds the ball with index & thumb, then at the last moment allow the mid finger to come in to take the ball back to thumb clip. If you've studied Gary Darwin you might catch what I'm trying to say.

But again, very, very good retention vanish.

Cheers mate.


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