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Magic Trick: Putting A Rabbit Out Of A Head

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This Video Shows The Trick: Magic Trick: Putting A Rabbit Out Of A HeadI'm Dressed Up Like The Masked Magician,And Reveal The Secret You Can Also See The Secret On The TV Series: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed
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0 #1 Hey YouHonestinwilkesbarre 2009-11-02 06:07
First, this "trick" isn't exactly a secret. It was revealed DECADES ago. It's been know for longer than my mother's been alive.
Next, that isn't a rabbit, it's a hedgehog. AND it's not even a real hedgehog, it's a plush.
Last. I realize they probably seem the same to you, big and empty. But that's not your head, it's a hat.
I expected to see you pull a rabbit from your head. Now get busy. I expect to see a video of you pulling a bunny from your melon posted as soon as you read my comment.
Don't disappoint me again!

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