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Open a Beer Bottle With Paper | Cool Bar Trick

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See more bar tricks at http://www.barhustler.com Learn to open a bottle of beer with a piece of paper. This trick takes a little practice and works better when you already know how to open a beer with another object such as a lighter, using leverage not strength. Once you learn this, you can pretty much open a beer bottle with anything!!For this bar trick you'll need an unopened beer and an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper.The bar trick revealed:Position the paper normally, and fold in half bringing top to bottom. Then rotate the paper 90 degrees. Fold in half the same way, and repeat until you can't fold anymore. Fold in half lengthwise and get a firm grip on the ends. Hold the neck of the bottle with your free hand. Apply pressure as shown making sure your index finger is not in the path of the cap's sharp edges in case it doesn't open on the first try...keep applying pressure, you may need to use the other side of the paper, and it takes some gripping strength, but I opened 2 or 3 bottles with one sheet and I'm far from Hercules!See this bar magic trick at: http://appsmonkey.com/barhustler/bar-..."bar hustler" "open beer trick" "beer trick" "beer bottle magic" "paper trick" "matches trick revealed" "matches magic trick" "matches bar trick" matches magic trick revealed "bar trick" "bar magic" "bar tricks" "bar magic tricks" "bar tricks revealed" "proposition tricks" "cool bar tricks" "pub tricks revealed" "pub tricks" "bar hustle" "proposition bet" "brain teasers" "party tricks" "tricks revealed"
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