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Best Coin Trick In The World - Revealed

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Herein I Perform A Great Coin Illusion, And Then I Reveal And Demonstrate How It Is Done.
Coin Magic
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0 #3 Amazing JohnnyJA 2013-09-28 21:51
Scotch and Soda is hardly "The World's Greatest Coin Trick." It takes virtually no skill to preform; it is a self-working trick. The presentation in the video was weak, in my opinion, in that it was in no tied to any personal meaning for the spectator. The speech in the beginning of the video was not necessary, and it seemed a bit pretentious.
0 #2 RE: Best Coin Trick In The World - Revealedkam 2009-10-17 13:20
Good job! you taught people a trick they cant do without buying it! That's helpful.
0 #1 Ren 2009-05-23 02:04
That's funny. Thanks for teaching!

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