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Card Flourishes - Virtuoso Tutorial: 5 Tips on the Tornado Cut

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Wanna learn more?Go now to http://TheVirts.com/Follow us on twitter!!http://www.twitter.com/thevirtsHey guys!Here's a tutorial from us on 5 essential tips to perform the Tornado.This is not a tutorial on how to do the move itself, but rather the little details that maximize the visual quality of the card flourish. This card flourish tutorial is for the guys who already know the Tornado, and want to delve deeper into the finer details of this modern classic.Enjoy!The VirtsCreditsTornado Cut created by Ashford Kneitel based on Float Pass by Guy HollingworthTornado Cut performed by Daren YeowFilmed by Huron LowEdited by Daren YeowMusic "Stress Rap" by Cannibal OxP.S. Remember to subscribe to us!!This way you can get more underground superduper mega exclusive card flourish tutorials from the virts like huron low, kevin ho, and daren yeow! =DDon't subscribe to naughty people who expose card flourishes, or tricks from david blaine, criss angel, cyril takayama, derren brown, and even dynamo... they've got nothing about awesome card flourishes, and only reveal magic tricks!! You see for us, we'll even talk about xcm and cardistry even though we think it's pretty cheesy... and if you've read till here, there's even stuff about bone ho, and dan and dave, de'vo, theory11, decknique, penguin, ellusionist or other random stuff like high stakes poker on daniel negreanu that hopefully helps you bump into this video on youtube. =D You can even hurry us for more kickass underground card flourish videos, tutorials, stuff about so-called xcm, cardistry, or even poker to texas holdem.
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