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Derren Brown Lottery Trick finally EXPOSED!

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Come on, did you really buy his bullsh*t Friday night explanation? In reality, it was all a very simple (but ingenious!) split-screen camera trick, dressed up as something else. This is my 2nd version of the explanation, updated with new evidence. Don't believe Derren - he's a magician. He makes money from fooling us! He's how he really did it. There was a slight technical glitch during his performance on Wednesday that gave it away. Plus, this technique has been used many times before
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0 #1 RE: Derren Brown Lottery Trick finally EXPOSED!Janko Gall 2009-11-04 19:41
I don't like it when magicians lie, it's much better to give ambiguous information that the audience interprets as it wants. I knew he didn't predict them the moment he said the BBC won't allow him to reveal it first. still, good trick

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