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Bet a Hundred Card Trick Revealed

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Here is another original trick that I hope you all enjoy! Sorry it took a bit for me to upload a new video! Enjoy... :-)
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+1 #1 mind blower of a trickDaviator 2010-02-08 14:07
Hey, I just wanted to let everybody know I've been doing this trick and it's become one of my new favorites. It isn't perfect with the behind your back part so I modified it with cutting the cards. before the trick starts, I place some double sided tape spots on the top card of the top pile. Throw the forced card on top of that and then the other half of the deck on top of that, shuffle and it's SEAMLESS! You really do blow their minds on this. At the end, they find their card in the envelope and they know you haven't touched it and they BEG you to do the trick again so they can see if they missed something. I also include a note in the envelope that says 'I found your card' Add this to your tricks guys, you're not gonna be disappointed.

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