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Cups and Balls Performed By Andy Field

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This is one of the oldest effects in magic. Magicians use it to compare their skills off against each other. Some routines are very simple and others complicated and intricate. Apparently it uses every skill in magic to some degree and is a challenge to all those who profess to master it. This is my award winning effort. After proceeding past the Ammar Opening Sequence I have designed my middle and ending sequences to be simple to watch using the best techniques I know for method, effect and design construction of this famous classic.

This performance took 25 years of study, thousands of hours of practice and all for this knowledge to come together at the same time for three and a half minutes. I hope you enjoy my performance. However, bear in mind that this is still a work in progress. If necessary I will spend another 25 years working on it. I am obsessed with this effect and the beauty that lies within it.

I hope my routine inspires, motivates and encourages some of you to get your own set of cups. If you can learn this trick correctly then you will see big improvments to other areas of your magic.

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