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Tutorial - How to spin a book on the tip of your Finger

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Read This, If you like challenges then i am gonna upload a video in which i am gonna ask you to spin the book on the tip of your Finger.. The Challenge will be up very soon.. So keep practicing..
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0 #2 Reply requestedYash 2012-05-10 07:12
Hey Mihir, I didnot mean to hurt you..(your feelings)...you are good in cards tricks..doing card magic is also my hobby..actually my PASSION..but just when I saw ur challange..I couldnot stop myself to wrote these..so plz donot mind and have a good day.at last send me ur email id at my mail...(dynamicyash@ya hoo.co.in)
0 #1 Reply requestedYash 2012-05-10 06:47
Hi Mihir, I have watched your some cards magic video, specially the challanging Puzzle Pefornace...Mihir I can solve this challange very easily..Not even this one I can perform your each and every card trick which u have uploaded to this site...And I can also show you some more cards magic trick...mail me your email..

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