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Flash Coin Vanish Magic Trick Revealed

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A VISIBLE Vanish! And, another "midnight magic trick" that I just threw on tape for you last night! This one came from a test I was doing to nickel plate a battery in my shop. I tested the nickel plate on a penny first and thought "hey, that could make a magic trick." :-) I hope you agree. There are MANY additional spins possible, and I plan to do a thorough write up with additional effects this week. You can get them on the web page from the video's last screen... Thanks!
Coin Magic
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0 #1 thats hardFarbod 2011-09-18 10:19
hi im just a 10 year old magicial wanna be. I wish i could do magic but i dont have the eqipment and my dad wont get me the stuff im in the uk please post me some free magic gear cuz id love it magic is what i want to do please post me some magicians thread wax or magnet please my addres is England Newcasle Upon Tyne NE3 2RZ 28 honiton court thyanx if you do send me some free gear.

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