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The Miller Cascade Control Tutorial
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The Miller Cascade Control, credits by Charlie Miller is a beautifull control and easy to perform. It's natural, invisible and clean control, your spectators can be burning your hands and there's nothing to suspect.

The Miller Cascade Control Performance:

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Carnahan Fan by Dan & Dave Revealed
(6 votes)

An instant classic and a must learn for all card manipulators

This is a lighting fast, almost instant, production of a huge fan of cards and then as quick as it appeared, it is gone and the deck is ready to do your bidding. This trick difficulty is medium.




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The Ninja Spring Grab Tutorial
(4 votes)

How to pull a speeding card out of a rushing spring

Virt TV #1: The Ninja Spring Grab
Written and Directed by Huron Low
Filmed by Huron Low and Daren Yeow
Edited by Daren Yeow
Blessed by Kevin Ho ;)

Super Flip by Ben Harris Revealed
(4 votes)
This is one of the sleight trick in Trilogy DVD by Dan and Dave. The moves are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you will be able to apply in nearly every situation. Enjoy!

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Double Stack Triad XCM Tutorial
(4 votes)
XCM = Xtreme Card Manipulation. XCM is a sport that was founded in 2001 by Handlordz and has taken the world by storm. XCM is the art of doing card manipuation as its own artform.

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