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N.ee.N.oo XCM Tutorial
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This is a simple flourish that created by Cody Cowan-Lust. He came up with a couple months ago, and thought it would be a good one to test run how well he could film a tutorial. It is meant to be applied into other routines, or if you want used on it's own. He believes it has a nice flow to it, and that's basically it. It's not hard at all and he believes the name of the flourish reflects that it is simple.

He got the name because in two of the phases (beginning and after you split the middle packet with your thumb) if you tilt your index fingers towards you the packets look like "N's". And, the name N.ee.N.oo just popped into my head, thought it was clever and represented it well.

Latitude Cut Tutorial by Dominik Mastrianni
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This is a nice tutorial for molecule-looking cut by Dominik. The cut looks so smooth.

Cuso's Nebula Tutorial
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This is the TheCuso best creation and though it might seem an easy and stupid cut it has a lot of potential. Nebula is an utility move that it's meant to be incorporated into more complex and elaborated flourishes. As an elegant alternative to the swing cut it can also be used to divide the deck in two halves in the middle of your favourite one handed cuts routine.


Companion Fan XCM Tutorial
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Performed and filmed by Nebelfuchs, edited by whitebird. Credits: Jerry Cestkowski, Fatty Warbucks, Scott Watters.


Learn The Man Display Manipulation
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Hey, guys! this is the tutorial for "The Man Display". Hope you enjoy it.


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