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TheCuso's Blanco Cut Tutorial
(1 vote)
The Cuso presents BLANCO. Filmed by Allan Hagen at Magic Weekend 08 (Lund, Sweden), This is his New Year's gift to all of you. Happy Holidays!!!

Top Shot Card Tutorial
(5 votes)
This is a very cool top shot cut trick. I bet you'll like this shot! Here is the tutorial for Top Shot Card:

Advanced Card Reproduction Tutorial
(12 votes)
Juan Fernando will teach you the advanced card reproduction move. In this tutorial you'll learn how to backpalm a card, produce the card, and at last you'll learn the routine. Don't show this trick too close to your friends!

Performance and Tutorial:


Learn One Handed Fan Tutorial
(11 votes)
This video is a step by step tutorial for one-handed fan card flourish.


De'vo's Flipback Triad Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is the tutorial for De'vo's Flipback Triad by Digital Artist from http://www.handlordz.com. De'vo invented this in the 1980s and has posted about it and the Viereck on the back of the hand for the past 5 years on Handlordz.com Now you can learn it like the underground manipulators have done over the past several years.


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