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Giza Triangle - XCM Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is the tutorial for a cool card manipulation, extreme flourished, and cut. Enjoy!


Shuffle a Deck With One Hand Tutorial
(9 votes)
This is a tutorial on how to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand. You do not need a big hand in order to master this move, only practice and preserverence.

Charlier Cut Tutorial
(6 votes)
This is the video tutorial for the One Handed Cut AKA Charlier Cut tutorial.This video uses 6 angles for the first bits and the last stage is easy so only 2 angles for that, plus a added zoom in angle for it. This is easy to do but is also essential for most magicians being that this cut can be used all the time. We recommend learning it with your weaker hands first.

Fan Toss Card Tutorial
(7 votes)
In this clip Joe Marshall will teach you how to do the fan toss cut trick. Enjoy! Play like a card shark or a magician in these free card tricks videos.

Card Spring Tutorial
(1 vote)
Here is the tutorial for card flourish: Card Spring. Very cool move for cardistry! A card flourish tutorial that details one of the most powerful card flourishes ever created; the Spring!

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