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Cubeo Cut Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is the tutorial for Cubeo cut XCM. This clip is created in february and hopefully the tutorial is better now. Enjoy the movie guys and practice a lot to perfect this move!

Detritus XCM Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is a detritus XCM tutorial. (Note: detritus is a term used to describe anything rubbish or waste). Additional credits go to Ashford Kneitel for the Tornado cut opener.

NF Fan Spin - XCM Free Tutorial
(1 vote)
This is the explanation of NF Fan Spin extreme card manipulation. Enjoy!

MoonWalk XCM Tutorial
(3 votes)
This is a moon walk tutorial created by Kent! Enjoy the movie!

Terminator Cut Explanation
(1 vote)
This clip will teach you how to do the terminator cut manipulation! Cool move to impress your friends!


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