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Dec 21

Bottle Cap Levitation Revealed

Posted by: Peter

Tagged in: Levitation , CloseUp


The effect: Explaining to your audience you are going to perform an amazing magic trick you buy or borrow a bottle of unopened drink and remove the bottle cap. You hand out for total examination. This poves to your spectators it is totally unprepared in any way.

Holding the bottle cap in your hands you give it a spin and amazingly it HOVERS in mid air in front of you. You can make it hover from one hand to the other and even rise up and down. Your spectators are baffled! It seems you have total control over the levitating bottle cap. To prove it is unsupported you wave your hands all around it. You make a ring shape with your fingers and amazingly the cap effortlessly floats through!


For the finale you get the cap to float through a solid silver ring totally dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might work! When you have finished the effect you simply hand the cap back to your spectators for total examination. WOW an amazing effect.
- Perform surrounded and instantly
- Cap can be examined befor and after the trick

The Secret: So how do you perform this cool illusion? You are going to need a couple of secret items for this effect. Both are relatively inexpensive and will last you for literally hundreds of performances. You will need some "Magicians Wax" and Invisible Thread. Any good magic store will stock both items (PenguinMagic.com).

Both these items will open up your magic arsenal immensely. You will be able to do so many more effects than just this one. For example the Hummer Card and Floating Note. You can learn Hummer card for free at: http://learnmagiclive.com
Take a 30cm (12 inch) length of invisible thread. This measurement is an approximate and you will need to find a length that works best for you. The thread need to be long enough so it can reach form your mouth to your hand.

The one end of the thread and attached a piece of clear tape to it. This ensures you can find the end as it is very hard to see! Take a small piece of magicians wax and roll it in a ball at the other end of the invisible thread. The thread should mix in with the wax. Se (pic1)

The Method: Befor the trick you need to place the end of the invisible thread (with the tape) into your mouth. Place it at the side of your mouth in the gum line, between your teeth and cheek. That way you can still speak perfectly normally. Place the end with the magicans wax attached on your thumb nail. You are now set.

Just to recap the invisible thread should be running from your mouth down to your thumb nail of either hand you prefer. Magicians wax becomes softer as you roll it in your fingers - make sure you do this before the trick so it is nice and malleable.

start the trick by borrowing or buying a bottle of drink with a bottle cap. Hand this out for examination and get a spectator to remove the cap and hand it back to you. This proves that it is totally unprepared.

Learn more free magic at http://learnmagiclive.com

Comments (9)

Just get the original, it's way better than this explaination.
The original version is by Ed Magic and the setup, rig, and handling is much better not to mention all the moves on the dvd. This explanation on this blog is lame, not to mention the links they send you to get the stuff you need to perform the trick costs more than the authentic good version created by Ed Magic. So if you want to do the effect right and amaze people just get the original. I do a lot of levitations and his is one of my favorites. You can get your copy of the good version at WizardWandZ.com magic shop.
D.Blaine , April 11, 2013
Where can I find wax in Bangladesh ? smilies/sad.gif
Fahim Reza Sakib , December 10, 2012
invitation learnmagiclive.com
Dear Peter,

how to be invited to learnmagiclive.com?

Thanks a lot!
Rico , April 27, 2010
really cool trick, its amazing what “magic” can do in bottle capping
victoria , March 18, 2010
is there any place i can buy invisible thread and magicians wax except at magic stors???
burdmann , September 07, 2009
Yes magicians wax is invisible to audiences I have some so trust me I know.....

xxxxxMAGIC-DUDE!xxxxx , July 31, 2009
illegal stolen rip off artist
This is a horrible rip off from the original version created by Ed Magic. This company has no ethics. And are using illegal tactics to fraud people out of millions. They have copied the look of the original Cap Levitation product and even the name (breaking copyright laws, which are harder to inforce since they are off shores. They are fully aware of the copyright violation and the legal action currently in persuite against them.) They have done this to over 100 magic items already as part of their fraud system. This one was used to steel the logo and look of the original in order lewar the uneducated into their scam. They use the originals advertising as a marketing scam and make illegal copies pirated so close to the original that it makes it hard to tell the difference. Then they sell or give the products away for free in order to lewar you in to their privacy scam. Don't get ripped off by them. They use this give away to get your info and them spam you. They also sell your personal information to as many spammers as possible. This is big bucks for them and everyone else pays for it. Be ware do not give them your info and tell your friends to watch out for this company. At best avoid them at all costs.
C.Angel , June 29, 2009
is magicians wax invisible to audiences
magicboy56 , March 31, 2009
Star David
Nice and neat explanation.. Very clever..
Plank , December 23, 2008

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