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We will teach you, regardless of your skill level, how to entertain and amaze your friends and family. Teaching a variety of magic, including: Card, Coin, Illusion, Levitation, Mentalism, Close-up, Rope, Rubberband, Ring, XCM, math magic, and bar tricks. It's a great resource to all magic lover!

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Card Coin Bill Mentalism

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Illusion Close-Up Rope Levitation Bar
Magic Stick Trick Revealed
(11 votes)

Awesome video! FANTASTIC!

This is a classic magic trick that has been performed many times by magicians around the globe. It's very simple and very effective. We will show you how to perform the trick, and show you how to make your own. Have fun and enjoy!

Branded by Tim Trono Revealed
(18 votes)

I love this stuff! It is amazing! -David Blaine

A fire blaster on your fingertips morphs into a spectator's chosen card. Completely painless and always fun to perform!

Branded Original Performance:

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Wayne Houchin Invisible Palm Revealed
(5 votes)

The Invisible Palm is one of Wayne Houchin lead up effects to performing Control at the Christmas Party. First created by Paul Harris and made popular by Wayne Houchin. Learn the great secrets at xploremagic.com!

Original Performance:

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How to Make a Woman Disappear and Reappear Somewhere Else
(8 votes)

The masked magician reveals the secret of classic magic illusion: how to make a woman disappear from one place and reappear somewhere else. This is a fantastic illusion to perform. Enjoy!

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That's Not Possible - Card Magic Tutorial
(10 votes)

Yes, this is good! Very good tricks, VERY well produced!

This trick is originally created by Paul Gordon and available on his book "Card Magic Companion".

This is the tutorial for fantastic card trick that you can do. Enjoy!

That's Not Possible Performance:

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